Payment methods

Security is important to us. That is why we use only the most highly trusted online payment portals and security companies on our website. Your personal identification and financial information is protected by the latest payment processing and security companies available.


PayPal has been a trusted payment processor since it began in 1998. It uses the latest technological advancements in safety to keep every transaction completely private. They offer both Buyer and Seller Protection services to make sure every payment to buy a product or order a service is authentic. PayPal does not transfer personal information between payers and payees unless authorized. All data is heavily encrypted and monitored all day, every day. This secure payment processor offers accounts linked to real-world banking establishments or credit card transactions without account creation necessary. This brings the ultimate choices in convenience and comfort to anyone who chooses to check out with PayPal online.

Masterpass (MasterCard)

For those who prefer using MasterCard credit cards for online purchases, we offer simple and secure transactions with Masterpass. This payment processing system also accepts other popular credit and debit card types so every buyer can use what they want. This internet payment processor stores the buyers' personal, location, and payment information for easy check-outs and money transfers at any time. They use top-level security for their data storage and processing servers. This trusted payment processor uses the most up-to-date encryption and safety methods to protect your vital information and identity.


Similar to other payment processors, WebMoney helps businesses maintain tight security over their customers and clients financial information. Rather than process payments overtly like PayPal, WebMoney works behind the scenes to keep everything safe. It includes a certification service that lets website visitors know their data is protected. A company can only pass the test through a series of proofs. Some of these include user name and password log-in methods, secret key identification, SMS or E-Num verification codes, and multiple other checks to make sure all transferred data is allowed by the end user.

Visa Credit Cards

Visa has been a trusted credit card company for decades. This is due to their firm commitment to consumer and merchant security and identity protection. Their Verified by Visa system helps prevent fraud for buyers who want to use their credit card to make a purchase. With card chips, fraud blockers, and the highest levels of encryption available, everyone can trust Visa credit cards for all their online buying needs.


This popular credit card takes your privacy and security seriously. MasterCard has multiple ID Theft Protection systems in place to stop others from accessing your personal and financial information from the start. They also stop thieves from using your card if the number is stolen. Online merchants take MasterCard because of the trustworthy nature of every transaction. They push for two-level verification, SecureCode anti-fraud measures, and stringent criteria for online acceptance of MasterCard payments.

American Express

American Express cards offer online protection to every credit card user whenever they make a payment. It all starts with your own user ID and password combination, but then they take over with top of the line online safety methods that have been trusted for many years. American Express card transactions use 128-bit encryption on all transferred data, pre-purchase fraud protection that verifies your information to prevent illegal activity, and personal security keys for another level of care. These things and more make American Express credit cards a wise payment choice.

Diners Club Card

When you see the Diners Club Card logo on a website, you know you can trust the payment processing capabilities and security measures in place. This credit card uses the latest encryption and safety methods to make sure your data is never shared or lost. Whether you access your account personally or use your card to pay for products or services on sites like these, you get the same levels of detailed protection.

McAfee Secure

More than just security for payment processing, McAfee Secure adds trust to every transaction and website visit. This certification service lets you see at a glance if the site has passed the tough tests for security, privacy, and compliance with all the latest measures. It includes features like shopper identity protection, identity theft insurance, mobile security features, and continuous monitoring for cyber-attacks, malware, and phishing problems. With McAfee Secure on the site, you know your information is protected to the highest degree possible.

Comodo Authentic Secure

The Comodo security badge on any website lets customers and clients know they are getting the best internet based safety available today. They are a cybersecurity company that offers 25 separate products for secure data, safe payment processing, and online protection. What does this mean for the end user? You can enjoy complete trust and comfort when you make a purchase or pay for a service where the Comodo Authentic Secure graphic is displayed.

Despite all the in-depth security measures always in place with Comodo authentic products, they never get in the way of a smooth and fast user experience. When you input your data and credit card information in an online check-out form, you want everything to be easy and safe. Comodo's expert team of hundreds makes sure that happens with every single transaction.